Bit Training

Maximise Your Swimming Performance On Land

Land training is essential for any competitive swimmer and the Body Intensive Trainer (BIT) offers everything you need. Using every single muscle in your body you use your own bodyweight as resistance, which not only improves core strength & builds lean muscle but also improves stability, speed, endurance & helps prevent injuries. The BIT is portable, lightweight and can be used outdoors, indoors and on poolside. It can be used by children and adults of all ages & fitness abilities and hundreds of exercises can be done on this one bit of kit, such as:

  • Squats for leg power and definition
  • Push-ups to activate your chest and arms
  • Rowing for power in your back, shoulders and arms

All of these exercises activate the deep core muscles giving a total body workout.

The BIT is used for land training at the Mark Foster Swimming Academy.

Strength training using the BIT should be in every swimmers training regime Katy Sexton MBE, former World and Commonwealth champion and double Olympian.

Maximise Flexibility and Mobility Training - Rollering

Maintaining a good level of flexibility and mobility is a key part of any exercise training programme as it helps to improve performance whilst reducing the risk of injury.

For swimmers, incorporating flexibility and mobility training is important for 2 main reasons:

  1. As muscles are stretched, the movement increases the length of individual muscle fibres. Longer muscle fibres create more force when they contract. This means that if you improve your flexibility, the muscle's ability to pull you through the water is increased. Therefore, the speed and endurance of a swimmer can be improved by increasing flexibility, which in turn increases reach and pull, particularly in the upper body.
  2. A lack of mobility in the joints can be a contributing factor in poor performance. Poor mobility can result in a limitation of the key ranges of movement, particularly in the shoulders, spine, hips and ankles. Improving mobility in the key joints helps to decrease fatigue in the muscles and reduce the risk of injury, particularly in muscles with poor flexibility. In addition to this, by improving flexibility and mobility, you can create a smoother movement through the water. The movement and effort comes from the key joints and muscles, rather than rotating the body, producing a smoother, more efficient stroke.

Posture and Equipment

Improving and maintaining flexibility and mobility is also particularly important for those in their teens who are experiencing growth spurts, as it is often the case that bones and muscles develop and lengthen at different rates. This can cause imbalances in the body and increase the risk of injury.


Posture is also an important factor in training as each individual will have target areas of strengths and weaknesses according their posture types. Individuals will be taught to be aware of their own posture and how to recognise and develop the muscles and joints that are their own target areas.


The flexibility and mobility training will incorporate the use of equipment such as foam rollers & dynabands, as these can greatly improve performance if used effectively. The session will also focus on teaching good technique for static and dynamic stretching without the use of equipment.