Club Fees

Club Fees Explained

Currently, Club membership fees do not include a swimmer's ASA membership fee, which ensures that you have adequate insurance cover for activities that you undertake with the club, or as an individual, for instance at an Open Meet. This fee is payable to the ASA by the club on behalf of the swimmers on an annual basis and will be collected by the front desk in the first quarter of each year. The amount payable each year is set by the ASA. Notification of when this is due will be sent out via email and will need to be paid as soon as possible.

Fees for Junior Performance, Club Squads, County Performance and Regional/National Performance Squads and Masters also include summer swimming sessions as swimming will continue throughout the year for the performance squads with the following breaks: a 1-week Christmas break; a 1-week Easter break; and a 2-week break in August to coincide with Bryanston Swim School.

As from September 2010, the club committee has introduced a payment option of a monthly standing order, as proposed at the Parent meeting held on 5th July 2010. The committee hopes that as many parents/carers as possible will choose to adopt this payment method as it will reduce the large queues that tend to form at the club desk in the first few weeks of each term. It also allows parents/carers to spread the cost over the year. Alternatively, fees can still be paid at the beginning of each term, or in the case of the performance squads, at the beginning of each quarter. For standing order details, please see the club desk on Monday nights. Club fees should be paid within the first ten working days of each new month regardless of unforeseen circumstance i.e pool closure, injuries. Swim fees are due each payment period until you formally notify us your intention to resign from the club.

In addition to club membership fees, swimmers who choose to compete will also pay entry fees for open meets and county events at which they elect to swim.

Entry forms for competitions are available to print from the website to swimmers and parents/carers in advance of competitions and it is the responsibility of the swimmer to return the form with payment before the closing date. Forms without payment will be put to one side and only processed once payment has been received. Entries cannot be accepted after the closing date. If entries are posted into the club post box at Carn Brea Leisure Centre prior to the closing date please do not put cash in the envelope. All cheques are to be made payable to CBHSC.

Once the club has submitted swimmers' entries for a competition, the club is obliged to pay all fees even if a swimmer does not attend.

Also, a swimmer once entered is obliged to swim. If a swimmer is unable to compete for any reason, it is their responsibility to notify the competition organisers. If a swimmer fails to compete and does not notify the competition organiser there may be a fine of £5 per event. This fine is imposed by the competition organisers.

Therefore, when a swimmer submits an entry form for a competition they will be expected to pay the cost of their entry to the club even if they do not attend the competition. Swimmers will also be expected to reimburse the club for any fines due to failure to notify their withdrawal from an event.

The club committee has decided, reluctantly, that if payment is not made by a swimmer then the committee will have to review that swimmers future participation in swimming competitions, training sessions and their future with the club. Any non-payment of entry fees or club fees leads to an additional financial burden which has to be borne by the other members of the club. In exceptional circumstances, such as injury, it may be possible to reclaim fees from a competition organiser and reimburse a swimmer. These cases will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Payments can be made direct to the club's bank account for swimming fees, membership fees and ASA fees. Payment direct to the account cannot be made for gala fees, as these must be submitted with the entry form to the competition secretary, Dana Exell. The club's bank account details - Barclays Bank, Sort Code 20-87-94 and Account Number 60898813. Please ensure that you quote the name of your swimmer(s) and what the payment relates to in the reference field of the payment.

Swimming fees must be paid up to date, including the correct monthly fee for your swim squad, your ASA insurance fee and the CBHSC Membership Fee. Failure to keep fees up to date will result in your swimmer being refused entry to their swim sessions, our swim teachers and coaches will be made aware if there is deficit in fees.

Please note, if you wish to leave the club you will need to give one month's notice and any fees outstanding will need to be paid in full, including the notice period. For full details please read our Terms and Conditions.

The club operates on the goodwill of our parents and supporters, who volunteer their time freely and willingly. Several of our committee members and volunteers will be approaching parents to discuss collecting outstanding fees, to ensure that we are able to meet our commitment.

Force majeure: In situations of force majeure or other unforeseen circumstances leading to the cancellation of swim sessions, CBHSC is unable to give any refund to those swimmers affected. However, the CBHSC Committee will do its utmost in trying to add additional swim sessions, where possible, over the swimming season to compensate for those cancelled sessions.

Club Events: Over the swim season, CBHSC hold a number of galas which in turn affect the lower squads in having their swim sessions cancelled. Please be advised that for those squads that are affected, alternative galas are held on different swim days to make up for the lost training sessions at various times in the year. The annual club fees take these sessions/galas into account and are reflected in the costings.



Group / Squad Annual Fee Per Term *Per Term inc Discount (Siblings Only) Monthly Standing Order *Monthly inc Discount (Siblings Only)
Swordfish 1. £354.00 £118.00 £112.10 £29.50 £28.03
Swordfish 2 - 5 £354.00 £118.00 £112.10 £29.50 £28.03
Dolphins £426.00 £142.00 £134.90 £35.50 £33.73

Group / Squad Annual Fee Quarterly *Quarterly inc Discount (Siblings Only) Monthly Standing Order *Monthly inc Discount (Siblings Only)
Sharks £528.00 £132.00 £125.40 £44.00 £41.80
Sharks 10 £552.00 £138.00 £131.10 £46.00 £43.70
Junior Squad £600.00 £150.00 £142.50 £50.00 £47.50
Snr Club Squad - Mornings ONLY £408.00 £102.00 £69.90 £34.00 £32.30
Snr Club Squad - Evenings ONLY £456.00 £114.00 £108.30 £38.00 £36.10
Snr Club Squad - Mornings and Evenings - FULL PACKAGE £600.00 £150.00 £142.50 £50.00 £47.50
County Performance £696.00 £174.00 £165.30 £58.00 £55.10
Reg/Nat Squad £816.00 £204.00 £193.80 £68.00 £64.60
Masters £408.00 £102.00 £91.80 £34.00 £32.30
Senior Masters (Friday Evenings Only) £270.00 £67.50 N/A £22.50 N/A

* Siblings Discount is calculated at 5% of the lowest paying squad swimmer



The fee period for University fees will operate from each academic year, September through to August. Each student is required to pay the annual CBHSC Membership Fee of £16 in September and the appropriate ASA Registration Fee each January. The equivalent monthly fee is payable for the squad in which you wish to swim, subject to a maximum number of swims for that group. Once the attendance has equalled the number of allowed swims, an additional payment is required for the next batch of swims, and repeated to the end of the academic year.


Squad Squad Fee - Initially due September Maximum Number of Swims ASA Registration
Regional/National £68.00 20 Cat 1 or Cat 2
County Performance £58.00 16 Cat 1 or Cat 2
Senior Club (Evenings Only) £38.00 12 Cat 1 or Cat 2


If you have any questions regarding club fees or how to pay them, please contact the Finance Secretary.