Competitive Swimming Performance Awards

The Amateur Swimming Association is the national governing body for swimming.

This award scheme, sponsored by Kellogg's, is designed to motivate and reward achievements of swimmers at any age or level.  Through the scheme swimmers can collect badges and certificates when they have successfully achieved the required standard in terms of developing new techniques, achieving times or distances. 

These awards can be achieved in competition (including league galas) or organised time trials held at the club.

Award times are consistent with the ASA Graded Swimming Times.  Gold Standard is approximate to average county age group qualifying times for 12 year old boys.  When this level is reached, there is a good chance that these swimmers would qualify at county level.

There are 3 types of award which relate to the length of the swim:

  • Sprint: Distances up to 100m.*  All strokes including Individual Medley (IM)
  • Middle Distance: 200m.  All strokes including IM and 400m front crawl
  • Distance: 400m IM and 800m and 1500m front crawl

Please note platinum sprint badges are not awarded for 50m events

Times are graded at four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum with a separate award for each stroke.  Once the swimmer achieves a time at that level for any stroke, they can claim the round badge that relates to the distance (i.e. Sprint, Middle, Distance) and the relevant stroke flash, then collect further flashes as times are achieved for each stroke of that distance.

How do I know I have qualified for an award?

Please see your times in the Member's Area under Performance Awards. These get updated 3 to 4 times a year.


How much do they cost?

For a badge and certificate 4.25 and then for a stroke flash 1.25

So once you have a Certificate and Badge for 50m Sprint (4.25) each stroke will then only need a flash (1.25).


 How do I order?

You can email your order to Caroline Trestrail at or go to the club desk on a Monday night at Carn Brea Leisure Centre.

Please remember to state the following when ordering:

  • Swimmer's name
  • Name and date of meet
  • Distance swum
  • Stroke
  • Time achieved
  • Award required e.g. badge, certificate and flash or just flash


What do I do with my awards once I have started collecting them?

Display them proudly on you CBHSC T shirt!!

As a competitive swimming club, all club swimmers have the opportunity to qualify for the ASA Competitive Swimming Performance Awards whenever they swim competitively, either in one of the above events or at the club's own regular timings. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum sew-on flashes/badges and certificates are awarded to swimmers who attain the times required by the ASA to qualify for the relevant award.

  • 25m-100m are Sprint Awards
  • 200m-400m are Middle Distance Awards
  • 800m-1500m are Distance Awards (includes 400 IM)


25 Metres Award
Award Back Breast Butterfly Freestyle
Bronze 24.70 24.20 23.20 21.00
Silver 21.50 23.80 20.30 18.30
Gold 19.60 21.70 18.50 16.70



50 Metres Award
Award Back Breast Butterfly Freestyle
Bronze 54.40 1.00.40 52.40 47.00
Silver 47.50 52.70 45.70 41.00
Gold 43.00 48.00 41.50 37.20



100 Metres Award
Award Back Breast Butterfly Freestyle IM
Bronze 1.56.00 2.12.00 1.58.80 1.44.30 1.58.60
Silver 1.41.40 1.55.40 1.39.40 1.31.00 1.43.60
Gold 1.32.00 1.44.80 1.30.40 1.22.80 1.34.10
Platinum 1.25.50 1.37.30 1.23.40 1.16.90  



200 Metres Award
Award Back Breast Butterfly Freestyle IM
Bronze 4.11.10 4.40.40 4.09.20 3.49.90 4.17.20
Silver 3.39.40 4.05.00 3.37.70 3.20.80 3.44.60
Gold 3.19.30 3.42.60 3.17.80 3.02.40 3.24.10
Platinum 3.05.00 3.26.60 3.03.70 2.49.40 3.09.50



400 Metres Award
Award Freestyle IM
Bronze 8.04.70 9.03.70
Silver 7.03.50 7.55.00
Gold 6.24.70 7.11.50
Platinum 5.57.20 6.40.60

800 Metres Award
Award Freestyle
Bronze 16.45.30
Silver 14.38.20
Gold 13.17.90
Platinum 12.20.70

1500 Metres Award
Award Freestyle
Bronze 31.43.40
Silver 27.42.80
Gold 25.10.70
Platinum 23.22.40