Junior Squad

Swimming Squad

'Junior Squad' (Red Hats and Black when competing). All NPTS Stages completed 1 -10. LTAD Training to Train/Fitness/Technique

To offer structure, support and opportunities to further develop a swimmers drive to become the best they can be. Swimmers should show a willingness to pursue the improvement of their ability in both training, competition and working to step up to the next level.

There is no criteria or targets for this squad. It is designed as a technique and fitness based programme, with a substantial competition element, running alongside the higher Performance Programme of the clubs County Squad.

In the Junior squad, swimmers can and should actively participate within competitions, including all strokes and distances.

These swimmers are also selected for all club team competitions if they qualify.

Swimmers who wish to progress their swimming to the next level (Performance) must apply to the County Squad once they have achieved the qualifying criteria. Application should be made to the County Squad Performance Coach for inclusion into that squad after consultation with the current Junior Squad Head Coach.

PLEASE NOTE - The correct squad hat should be worn, not just a coloured one. All squad hats can be purchased from the Club Desk on a Monday night or from Caroline Trestrail.

Please note:-

All Junior Squad members will be invited to move to the Senior Club Squad once they reach 14 years of age, unless progression to the County Squad is imminent.

Swimmers in the Junior Squad who are serious about their swimming are also invited to attend the morning sessions at no extra charge to improve and progress their ability. These swimmers should also consider attendance at any arranged 50m pool training that is scheduled throughout the year.

Please inform Anna Lyford if you cannot attend a specific training session for Junior Club by emailing  as a matter of courtesy.

Pool Training Times - from monday 7th january 2019
Training Times Venue
Monday 6.30pm - 8.00pm Carn Brea Leisure Centre
Wednesday 7.30pm - 8.30pm Carn Brea Leisure Centre
Thursday 6.30pm - 8.30pm Helston Leisure Centre
Sunday 4.00pm - 6.00pm Helston


Equipment Requirements

Kick Board, Training Snorkel, Finger Paddles, Hand Paddles, Pull Buoy and Training Fins. Please email Tracey Jolly for further information and specific design.


To gain consideration into the County Performance Squad, swimmers in the Junior Squad should be able to complete the criteria below:-

  • T20 test above 1250m
  • Complete the 1500m kick test set
  • Able to regularly complete 10 x 100m Freestyle or Backstroke on 1.45, maintain adequate rest, technique and underwater protocol.
  • Regularly able to compete 10 x 100m IM on 2.30, with correct turns, transition and breakout.
  • Positive and proactive attitude in training.
  • Regularly attend most sessions : preferably to include a morning session.
  • Attend Long Course 50m Pool Training (desirable).
  • Attend Land Training where appropriate and available (desirable).
  • Maintain kit in working order and neatly on poolside.
  • Have attained 3 County times in the current year and have attended several competitions other than those held within the club (Champs).

Senior Club Squads

At the age of 11 and as you move to your secondary schools, the pressures of being involved in other activities may cause you to become less able to continue your current level of commitment. The Senior Club Squad offersyou the chance to continue swimming alongside these other commitments while still progressing with a view to a more focused and committed approach to swimming at a later date.

You can always apply to join the Performance squads anytime at a later date.