Regional / National Squad

Swimming Squad

'Regional / National Squad' (White Hats and Black when competing). (By Coach Invitation Only). LTAD Training to Compete.

Swimmers joining the Regional/National programme must be aware of the minimum standards and criteria! However the swimmers current level of commitment in the County Squad may be maintained for a period of time agreed by the swimmer/Head Coach and Parent/Carer. After this agreed period of adaptation the full criteria of the Regional/National squad programme must be met by the swimmer. Failure to do so will result in a move to the County Squad or the Senior Club Squad. 

  1. National Qualifying time in any distance or stroke.
  2. A Regional Qualiying time OR Consideration time in any stroke or distance. ** NOTE : Times must be achieved at age as of 31st December in the year in which the swimmer is applying to join the squad.** NOTE : If a swimmer in this squad does not achieve  a Regional consideration time (age as of 31st December) by the closing date of the Regional Championships, they may remain in the squad, if however they do not gain a Regional Consideration time by the 31st June ( Plymouth Leander Level One Open and age as of 31st December ) they will transfer to the County Squad. ** NOTE : Consideration times for entry into the Regional Squad MUST be achieved at the following targeted meets : October - CBHSC Open L2 SC, November - Plymouth Open L2 SC, February - CCASA Counties L2 SC, March - Bristol L1 LC, May - ASA SW Regionals L1 LC, June - Plymouth Open L1 LC and July - Plymouth Non National Meet L3 LC.
  3. Commit to competitions gala's as planned by the Head Coach.
  4. Participate in a minimum of 3 licensed meets per year (licensed Level 3 or above), one of which must be Long Course and a Level 1 Licensed Meet.
  5. Commitment. There is no attendance criteria. Attending as many sessions as possible will help you achieve your personal goals and be the best you can possibly be. It has been proven that the more time a swimmer is training then the more likelihood is that they will achieve their goals to become the best that they can be. However this responsibility is up to the swimmer, the less attendance, the less progression and ultimately regression.
  6. Attend dry land training (BIT) sessions. Minimum of 2 sessions per week.
  7. Attend 50m long course training (desirable).
  8. Do the right things - arrive early - mobilise - bring all equipment - focus and responsibility for your training.
  9. Be on poolside at least 10 - 15 minutes before the start of the session to mobilise.
  10. Attendance and training attitude whilst in this squad will be reviewed.
  11. A consultation between the Head Coach and the County Squad Coach as to the candidates suitablity and readiness to join the Regional Squad will take place.

This squad is a test of your commitment and attitude and if taken seriously it will take you forward in your swimming career.  Monitoring by the coaches on your ability to complete the training session, your attendance, commitment and attitude within the training sessions will be ongoing. Any swimmer who fails to meet the required number of sessions without confirmation of illness, fatigue or examination on 3 weeks in any 12 week period shall be required to meet with the Head Coach and may as a result be transferred to an alternative squad.

PLEASE NOTE - The correct squad hat should be worn, not just a coloured one. All squad hats can be purchased from the Club Desk on a Monday night or from Caroline Trestrail.

Please inform Michael Kent if you cannot attend a specific training session by emailing as a matter of courtesy.

Pool Training Times - From monday 7th january 2019
Training Times Venue
Monday* 6.15am - 7.15am Carn Brea Leisure Centre
Monday (LAND TRAINING) 6.30pm - 7.20pm Carn Brea Leisure Centre
Monday 7.30pm - 8.30pm Carn Brea Leisure Centre
Tuesday 6.00pm - 8.00pm Helston Leisure Centre
Wednesday* 6.15am - 7.15am Carn Brea Leisure Centre
Thursday 6.30pm - 8.30pm Helston Leisure Centre
Friday* 6.15am - 7.15am Carn Brea Leisure Centre
Friday (LAND TRAINING) 7.00pm - 7.30pm Carn Brea Leisure Centre
Friday 7.30pm - 9.00pm Carn Brea Leisure Centre
Sunday (LAND TRAINING) 5.00pm - 5.30pm Carn Brea Leisure Centre
Sunday 5.30pm - 7.30pm Carn Brea Leisure Centre

* 3 x 1 hour extra morning sessions are open to all junior squads and above.


Equipment Requirements

Kick Board, Training Snorkel, Finger Paddles, Hand Paddles, Pull Buoy, Training Fins and Foam Roller  Email Tracey Jolly for further information and specific design.

  •  Land training-body weight exercises.

  •  Test sets for aerobic capacity, endurance and efficiency.

  •  Psychological testing, visualization.

  •  Specific training, where appropriate.

Junior Squad or Senior Club

If competing at a high level is not what you want, however, you still want to compete and maintain your fitness through swimming you can join the Junior Squad or Senior Club Squad and continue with your training, if you wish to join one of the performance squads at a later date you still have the option. Generally, the Senior Club Squad will be for swimmers approximately 12 years plus, taking into account those children who want to reduce the commitment to training when they enter Year 7 at secondary school.