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A few words from Julia – Head Coach

Report on Club Times Evenings and the South West Festival of Swimming

In the last few weeks we have seen our swimmers return to the starting blocks at our own Level 4 Times Evenings and at the South West Festival of Swimming. The swimmers took on the challenge of racing with relatively short notice, previously being used to having more time to prepare. The results are on the link below along with our updated club records.

Our club racing nights were a lovely opportunity to have so many of the club together again, albeit sat around the pool by squad for Covid safety. To see so many gaining PBs and simply doing the sport that they love was brilliant.

Heading to Plymouth for the Festival of Swimming, both swimmers and coaches were a little nervous but also excited to be back at a gala with other swimmers. One of our swimmers swam long course for the first time, with most of the others not having done so since before March 2020, so it was a little strange to swim so far before a turn. Each and every swimmer swam with 100% effort earning 21 new long course PBs.

Well done everyone – Julia, Head Coach

Level 4 final results

2021 Festival of swimming results

2021 LC records at July

2021 SC records at July (1)