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Sprint Squad Awards


CBHSC would like to recognise & reward member’s efforts to become truly fast swimmers.

As the 50m events are critical in most team competitions they can be considered the benchmark against which your sprint swims should be measured!

CBHSC is keen to see swimmers aspirations raised ever higher and the teaching & coaching team do all they can to support them in achieving times quicker than those in the tables below. Those individuals who do beat these times will automatically join the sprint squad and receive a commemorative swimming hat and certificate.

In time, it is hoped that the club will have a host of individuals from across the age groups wearing SPRINT SQUAD hats!!

The times are based on CCASA Age group records (2006) and should prove challenging, yet realistic to beat.

As a host of members have already bettered the below times, they will be awarded their hat & certificate soon!


Please Note: Times must be achieved at a recognised meet, with appropriate officials present and must be achieved either as an individual swim or as the first leg of a relay event.



50m Freestyle
Male Female
Bronze Under 30 seconds Under 32 seconds
Silver Under 29 seconds Under 31 seconds
Gold Under 28 seconds Under 30 seconds
Platinum Under 27 seconds Under 29 seconds
50m Backstroke
Male Female
Bronze Under 32 seconds Under 35 seconds
Silver Under 31 seconds Under 34 seconds
Gold Under 30 seconds Under 33 seconds
Platinum Under 29 seconds Under 32 seconds
50m Breaststroke
Male Female
Bronze Under 35 seconds Under 39 seconds
Silver Under 34 seconds Under 38 seconds
Gold Under 33 seconds Under 37 seconds
Platinum Under 32 seconds Under 36 seconds
50m Fly
Male Female
Bronze Under 31 seconds Under 34 seconds
Silver Under 30 seconds Under 33 seconds
Gold Under 29 seconds Under 32 seconds
Platinum Under 28 seconds Under 31 seconds