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Club Fees


Swim Fees:

The swimming fees for each squad are listed in the table below and are reviewed on an annual basis. Please note that these fees do not include club membership or ASA membership.

Membership Fee:

Like most clubs, we charge an annual membership fee which is currently £30 and includes a squad hat.

ASA Membership Fee:

In addition to the club membership fee you are also required to join the Amateur Swimming Assosiciation (ASA). This ensures that you have adequate insurance cover for swimming activities that you undertake with the club or as an individual. This fee is payable to the ASA, by the club, on your behalf, on an annual basis. The amount payable each year is set by the ASA and notification of when this is due will be sent out to you via email. The current fee is:

Category 1 Swimmer (Cat 1 swimmers are non competitive swimmers who take part in local CBHSC galas)  £20
Category 2 Swimmer (Cat 2 swimmers are competitive swimmers who take part in galas hosted by other clubs throughout the county and beyond)  £41

How Are Fees Calculated?

The fees for each squad are calculated on a 12 months’ basis and takes into account pool hire charges and payment to our coaches, teachers and lifeguards. It also takes into account the periods when the club closes, which includes, 1 week at Christmas, 1 week at Easter and a 2 week break in August. The 12 month total is then payable by GoCardless, details of which will be sent out on registration.

Club fees should be paid within the first ten working days of each new month regardless of unforeseen circumstance i.e pool closures or injuries etc. Swim fees are due each payment period until you formally notify us your intention to resign from the club.

Force majeure:

In situations of force majeure or other unforeseen circumstances leading to the cancellation of swim sessions, CBHSC is unable to give any refund to those swimmers affected. However, the CBHSC Committee will do its utmost in trying to add additional swim sessions, where possible, over the swimming season to compensate for those cancelled sessions.

Competition Fees:

In addition to club membership fees, swimmers who choose to compete will also pay entry fees for galas, open meets and county events at which they elect to swim.

Entry forms for competitions are available to print from the website to swimmers and parents/carers in advance of competitions and it is the responsibility of the swimmer to return the form with payment before the closing date. Forms without payment will be put to one side and only processed once payment has been received. Entries cannot be accepted after the closing date. If entries are posted into the club post box at Carn Brea Leisure Centre prior to the closing date please do not put cash in the envelope. All cheques are to be made payable to CBHSC.

Once the club has submitted swimmers’ entries for a competition, the club is obliged to pay all fees even if a swimmer does not attend.

Also, a swimmer once entered is obliged to swim. If a swimmer is unable to compete for any reason, it is their responsibility to notify the competition organisers. If a swimmer fails to compete and does not notify the competition organiser there may be a fine of £5 per event. This fine is imposed by the competition organisers.

Therefore, when a swimmer submits an entry form for a competition they will be expected to pay the cost of their entry to the club even if they do not attend the competition. Swimmers will also be expected to reimburse the club for any fines due to failure to notify their withdrawal from an event.

Club Events:

Over the swim season, CBHSC hold a number of galas which in turn, due to the length of pool time required, affect the lower squads in having their swim sessions cancelled. Please be advised that for those squads that are affected, alternative galas are held on different swim days to make up for the lost training sessions at various times in the year. The annual club fees take these sessions/galas into account and are reflected in the costings.

Non Payment Of Fees:

Swimming fees must be paid up to date, including the correct monthly fee for your swim squad, your ASA insurance fee and the CBHSC Membership Fee. Failure to keep fees up to date will result in your swimmer being refused entry to swim sessions. Our swim teachers and coaches will be made aware if there is deficit in fees. Please note that any non-payment of entry fees or club fees leads to an additional financial burden which has to be borne by the other members of the club. In exceptional circumstances, such as injury, it may be possible to reclaim fees from a competition organiser and reimburse a swimmer. These cases will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Squad Training Fees.

Please note that fees are reviewed annually.


Monthly Fee

Sibling Discount

Available Trainining Sessions (weekly)




All sessions +  BIT




5 sessions + BIT 

Club 2



Any 3 sessions + BIT

Club 1



Any 2 sessions + BIT

Junior Performance



5 sessions

Sharks 10



4 sessions

Sharks 9



3 sessions

Sharks 8



3 sessions

Dolphin 7



1.5 hours

Dolphin 6



1.5 hours

Swordfish 4 & 5



1 hour




1 hour

University Student Fees.

The university package is for university students who are attending a university outside of the County of Cornwall. The fee period for University fees will operate from each academic year, September (Autumn Term) through to August. There is no pro rata payment if a swimmer signs up to this package in any other term. Each student is also required to pay the annual CBHSC Membership Fee of £25 (due September) and the appropriate ASA Registration Fee with the minimum registration being CAT 1. For Univerity fees please email finance@cbhsc.co.uk

If you have any questions regarding club fees or how to pay them, please contact the Finance Secretary: finance@cbhsc.co.uk

Please find all information regarding squad entry criteria, kit requirements and session expectations in our Document Library.